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Zeppelin Systems Latin America Equip. Ind. Ltda.

Johannes Möller do Brasil (JMB) was founded in 1976 as a subsidiary of the German company Johannes Möller, Hamburg. JMB which was specialized in pneumatic conveying and storage of bulk materials, either powdered or grained, for chemical & petrochemical industries, cement and minerals, rubber, malt houses, among others. Many equipment have been delivered to almost all renowned plants in these areas.

JMB/Zeppelin have provided many projects to countries such as, Argentina, Chile , Colombia, Venezuela, México and USA.


Certified ISO 2001 company



  In January of 1998, JMB was acquired by the German industrial group Zeppelin whose know-how in handling and storage of bulk materials comes from more than 100 years of experience.

This partnership has strengthened the business with petrochemical industries, especially because JMB already had a solid participation in the expansion of polymer plants for important industries.

Since 2004 the Zeppelin Group incorporated several German companies, expanding its business areas.
Recently, in order to unify the companies of the group and make the global corporate presence more evident, all company names have been changed to Zeppelin. The Brazilian subsidiary changed its business name to:
  • Zeppelin Systems Latin America Equip. Ind. Ltda.
ZEPPELIN stands for ideas, achievement and progress.  

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